After an intense four-day manhunt, authorities successfully captured terror suspect Daniel Khalife in Chiswick.

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HMP Wandsworth was left behind by Khalife as he made his escape on Wednesday.

Daniel Khalife’s relatives have implored him to turn himself in. (Metropolitan Police/PA)

According to the Met Police, Daniel Khalife, a former soldier, was apprehended on Saturday morning.

The Metropolitan Police have reported that they managed to catch and detain the suspect in Chiswick after receiving confirmed sightings. The arrest took place just before 11:00am, and he is now being held in custody.

Khalife managed to evade HMP Wandsworth on Wednesday morning by hiding underneath a delivery lorry after leaving the prison kitchen dressed as a cook.

Following his dismissal from the military in May, a nationwide search was promptly initiated for the 21-year-old who was accused of planting a counterfeit explosive device at an RAF base and procuring potentially valuable information for terrorists or adversaries of the United Kingdom.

Addressing the broadcasters at the G20 summit location in New Delhi, the Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with the news and extended gratitude to the police officers for their exceptional efforts during the past few days. He also acknowledged the immense support from the public, who provided a substantial number of leads to assist the police in their investigations.

“It’s good news that we captured the person concerned. As people already know, the Justice Secretary has initiated an inquiry into the circumstances of his escape and that work will continue.

“And this is obviously very welcome news. And again, my thanks to the police but also to the public for their help.”

Home Office minister Chris Philp expressed his appreciation for the police’s quick and successful actions in apprehending fugitive terror suspect Daniel Khalife.

The policing minister wrote on social media: “Great work by the Met Police. Well done for a rapid and effective piece of work to catch this fugitive.A prime demonstration of exemplary law enforcement. Kudos to all the Officers who played a part in this operation.

On Friday, law enforcement offered a reward of £20,000 for individuals who can provide valuable information that results in the apprehension of the former soldier. The accused was already facing trial for allegedly planting a hoax bomb at an RAF base and acquiring intelligence that may be advantageous to terrorists or those opposing the interests of the UK.

According to reports, Khalife managed to flee from the prison kitchens at 7.50am on Wednesday while wearing his cook’s uniform.

It is believed that he escaped from the prison by attaching himself to the bottom of a food delivery van.

On Wednesday morning, precisely at 7.32am, it was discovered that the Bidfood delivery lorry Khalife had been fastened beneath the left side of HMP Wandsworth. Just 18 minutes later, at 7.50am, he was officially declared missing.

The authorities received a notification at 8.15am and promptly halted the van at 8.37am on Upper Richmond Road, near where it meets Carlton Road.

Officers speculated that Khalife clung to the undercarriage of the lorry as a means of escape, as they discovered strapping attached to it.

Before guiding them to Chiswick, officers placed Richmond Park under lockdown in their search for the former soldier on Saturday.

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