Can we expect to see Messi on the field tonight for Inter Miami’s game against Charlotte?

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Inter Miami has only two matches remaining on their schedule, both against Charlotte. The first game will take place at home, while the second will be an away match.

These two games also mark the end of Inter Miami’s season since their poor performance at the beginning of the year resulted in them being excluded from playoff contention.

However, there is uncertainty regarding Lionel Messi’s availability for Wednesday’s game against Charlotte. Here are the details about La Pulga’s current situation.

Can we expect Messi to be on the field tonight against Charlotte?

The proximity of the game to the October international break means that Messi won’t be able to participate in tonight’s match against Charlotte. Just a day after his impressive performance for Argentina against Peru, where he scored two goals within 10 minutes, Messi needs more time to rest and cannot suit up for Inter Miami.

On the other hand, Messi confirmed that he intends to take part in Inter Miami’s final regular-season match scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 21.

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