Mum of murdered Bradley Gledhill speaks out on 'lenient and disappointing' sentence given to son's killers

Mum of murdered Bradley Gledhill speaks out on ‘lenient and disappointing’ sentence given to son’s killers

The mum of murdered Bradley Gledhill has spoken out for the first time since her son’s killers were sentenced to a total of 81 years in prison.

Bradley, 20, was stabbed, kicked and stamped on before being left to “literally bleed to death in the street” during a brutal attack in Batley last year.

The six men found guilty of his ‘hideous’ murder appeared at Leeds Crown Court yesterday (Fri) for sentencing.

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Usman Karolia, 19, Ahmed Karolia, 24, Nabeel Naseer, 18, Raja Nawaz, 19 and two previously unnamed 17-year-olds, Niqash Hussain and Irfan Hussain, were handed a combined total of 81 years behind bars.

Following the sentencing Bradley’s mum, Kelly Hubbard, took to social media to say she will “take a bit of comfort in knowing that they (the killers) will never lead a normal life”.

She said: “I know on the surface that their sentences look disappointing, shocking even, and that the judge has been lenient. However, let’s stay dignified (as we have done throughout) and look at the bigger picture.

Bradley Gledhill was brutally killed in a chance encounter with a gang of six
(Image: Family handout)

“The bigger picture is that these are only the minimum terms and life generally really does mean life. Our barrister has assured us that satisfying a parole board after their minimum terms are up, to release them back into society, is very difficult and even on the small chance of ever being released they will be on licence until the day they die.

“I take a bit of comfort in knowing that they will never lead a normal life and the life that they robbed my son of will have an everlasting impact on their own lives until they day they die.

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“Fly high my warrior. You went to your grave pure with your head held high. The beautiful residents of Park Croft, with whom you spent your final moments, told me that you left this world peacefully and with dignity.

“No shouting, no swearing, no anger. You let go of your life true warrior style. No matter what the defendants families and friends say, or post about you, it’s all b******t and your legacy speaks for itself.

“You have created and left behind such a massive and awesome everlasting legacy that any person could ever wish for.”

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