7 Styling Tips From Dua Lipa's Best Fashion Moments

7 Styling Tips From Dua Lipa’s Best Fashion Moments

Dua Lipa never misses a beat with her fun, colorful, throwback outfits. The Future Nostalgia singer has fully committed to the Y2K fashion aesthetic with help from her exceptional stylist Lorenzo Posocco. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to copy her best Y2K fashion moments, we have a few tips that will make it a piece of cake.

Dua’s take on Y2K style means a lot of pink and butterfly details. Some of her best summer looks include a baby tee or cropped top with a pair of animal-print jeans. She loves matching the colors in her outfit with her accessories — especially her shoes, baguette bags, tinted sunglasses, thin belts, and chunky rings. On the topic of rings, a Dua look is incomplete without them. Like fellow stylish star Sophie Turner, Dua loves stacking candy-colored enamel rings to add a fun, playful element to many of her outfits.

Fancy dressing like Dua this summer? Keep reading for seven styling tips to achieve her early-2000s aesthetic.

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