Under-regulated supported housing failed vulnerable tenants – a complete overhaul of the sector is needed

3 min read2 hr “Too big to fail.” An expression that conjures up images of overleveraged investment banks and cavalier financiers, isn’t a phrase you would normally associate with a sector housing vulnerable people. Yet that’s exactly what’s being said about the providers of supported exempt accommodation. This sector is estimated to cost nearly £1 billion to the taxpayer in the […]

‘Take Time to Think’ campaign takes centre stage on Sky Sports for West Ham v Tottenham thanks to BGC member Betway

The Betting and Gaming Council’s new ‘Take Time To Think’ safer gambling campaign is to take centre stage at a top Premier League match live on Sky Sports. The eye-catching logo, which replaced ‘When The Fun Stops, Stop’, will be shown on the perimeter boards for the first 30 seconds of each half of the West Ham Utd v Tottenham […]

“A man who always had a kind word”

Tributes left to Sir David Amess at Parliament Square, Westminster. Credit: Alamy. 3 min read1 hr They say you can tell a man by his friends. And few parliamentarians can have had more friends than Sir David Amess; a constant warm and colourful presence that charmed parliamentarians, constituents and international dignitaries alike for decades. Sir David was the embodiment of […]

It’s time to speak up on assisted dying

Credit: Jeremy Rodell The suffering of people with incurable medical conditions can be as severe as those with terminal illnesses. So why should their end of life choices not be the same? Baroness Meacher’s Assisted Dying Bill has its second reading on 22nd October. If passed, it will allow doctors to prescribe medication for patients with fewer than six months […]

Hundreds of terminally ill Brits take their own lives in UK each year, latest estimates suggest

As Parliament prepares to debate Assisted Dying Bill on Friday, new research reveals hidden truth about drastic measures dying people forced to resort to under assisted dying ban New estimates suggest 300-650 dying citizens take their own lives every year, with 3000-6500 attempting to do so, in addition to 50 Brits a year who travel to Switzerland for assisted death […]

From backing business to cracking down on scams, we’re changing banking for good

Starling Bank increased their revenue by 600% in 2019/20. For too long, banks have failed to prioritise their customers. Now, it’s time to re-calibrate the banking experience to make it safer, easier and fairer for everyone. There can be few unfamiliar with the retail mantra ‘the customer is always right’. After a career spent in so-called ‘traditional banking’ I was […]

Bridging the digital divide is now a matter of solving the wealth gap

From completing the weekly online food order, attending online lessons and video-calling with isolated grandparents during the pandemic; to accessing public services such as claiming universal credit, or more recently ordering lateral flow test kits and completing the census, digital connectivity and skills have become an increasingly essential part of participating in society. It is now abundantly clear that for […]